A tearful sacrifice in the Destan series!

Posted 2021/12/05740

Proceeding with its screen venture at the highest point of the appraisals, ‘Destan’ will blow your mind with its third scene to be communicated on ATV at 20.00 on Tuesday evening. The second trailer of the new scene of the series gave the uplifting news of a glorious scene.

In the third piece of the Destan, Akkız, who was brought to the Sky Palace as a detainee and began to understand the extraordinary privileged position game acted around her, gets her powers together with Batuga to make due in the castle. To ensure Akkız, Batuga hurls himself forward, taking a chance with the game he has been representing a long time to be demolished.

After Alpagu Khan won the life and passing fight and stood up, he posed one inquiry: “What occurred while I was biting the dust? While Alpagu Khan requests a record of what occurred in the battle for the lofty position, which heightened in his nonattendance, Çolpan Hatun, who intends to arrive at the privileged position, is captured forthcoming preliminary.

Amidst this battle that will decide the fate of the Gök Khanate, Akkız and Batuga can’t confide in anybody however one another.