Bombs from the Yargı series came one after another! What will happen at 6 o’clock?

Posted 2021/12/05650

Kanal D’s famous TV series, Yargı, will be on the screen this evening with its twelfth scene. The series, featuring Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz, is communicated each week with an alternate energy. As the scenes progress, the energy tops.

The story is strong to the point that it has turned into a creation that the crowd watches with extraordinary deference. Notwithstanding the main jobs in the series, the acting of Onur Durmaz, who gives life to the personality of Engin, is additionally lauded. In the story, where every player is picked with incredible consideration, the characters are effectively thought about the screen.

The Yargı series, composed by Sema Ergenekon, is likewise valued with its situation. Ali Bilgin, who has marked numerous fruitful activities, is likewise the head of the series endorsed by Ay Yapım.

The series sits on the plan of web-based media consistently as the new peculiarity of Sunday nights. While it was uncovered that Engin was the killer a couple of scenes prior, after this improvement that amazed everybody, there are shock subtleties once more.

Another character arising out of Engin shocks the crowd somewhat more in every scene! Engin, who bamboozles everybody with his quiet, calm, charming position, is spilling out individually, while the mouths of those before the screen are nearly left open!

Engin, utilizing his legal counselor auntie’s feeling of vengeance on his family, begun extorting everybody around him with the insider facts he had gathered throughout the long term. Ilgaz, Ceylin, Metin, Eren and surprisingly Engin’s folks are toward as far as it goes!

“I got singed, yet I will consume everybody!” Taking activity, Engin passed on his messages uncovering that he knew the privileged insights that would flip around everybody’s life, and gave the clock! Engin’s messages, compromising everybody by saying “till 6 o’clock tomorrow”, arrived at their place individually.

Presently, in the twelfth scene, the crowd is enthusiastically hanging tight for what will occur at 6 o’clock! To invigorate the crowd, the web-based media pages of the series are likewise shared.

“Are you prepared for what will occur at 6 o’clock?” It is normal that a few inquiries will be addressed in the Yargı series, which intrigues the crowd with its inquiry. “What anticipates Engin’s adversaries?” With the inquiry, the sign is given that everything can flip around on the double!

“Would things be able to pivot?” After the sentence, questions standing by to be replied in the series are recorded. ! Will either Ilgaz or Metin disclose to Ceylin the anomaly dedicated in the Zafer case years prior?” Many mistaking subtleties beginning for the inquiry, we should check whether he can track down a reply in the twelfth scene.

It appears to be that in the twelfth scene, the Yargı series will lock the watchers on the screen once more!