It’s time to ask for an account in the Üç Kuruş series!

Posted 2021/12/05460

The new scene presentation of the TV show Üç Kuruş, endorsed by Ay Yapım, has been delivered. In the advancement, which causes to notice the minutes when Kartal and Efe battle, both of them chuckling and hitting each other confounds them.

Hearing from the police that Kartal went to Nesrin’s grave, Neriman’s anxiety makes an inquiry mark as a primary concern, and Kartal asks his dad for a record. Kartal’s “The place where is Ferhan?” Oktay’s response to the inquiry is enthusiastically anticipated.

Annihilated by Irfan’s message, Kartal scarcely goes to the wedding with Efe’s help. While attempting to demonstrate that he was not annihilated by companion or adversary at his wedding, he is likewise crushed. While Efe believes that he has recuperated Kartal, he scatters after the blow he got from Leyla at the wedding.

Kartal, whose feeble side is uncovered when Irfan, whom he calls his sibling, punctures his normal injuries, gets another foe when he gets one more twisted from the most startling spot. The circle around Irfan is getting smaller. At the point when he goes over a homicide he thought he was concealing, Irfan is compelled to uncover his most close confidential.

Sinan Öztürk is the head of the series, whose content is composed by Damla Serim, Murat Uyurkulak and Eset Akçilad.