Kardeşlerim series is like a school, and now Elif Ulusoy has a great chance!

Posted 2021/12/0580

Elif Ulusoy is the novice to the story as the Canan of the TV series Kardeşlerim. For the youthful entertainer, this implies an extraordinary chance…

Kardeşlerim series, which is communicated on ATV on Saturday nights, is an extremely successful series. Experienced entertainers and youthful names exist together in the story. This permits youthful players to all the more likely notice along with solid entertainers and learn new data to work on themselves.

Kardeşlerim series has become like a school for youthful names. The youthful entertainers, who take in new data from the experts, additionally perform well in the story and are valued by a huge fan base via web-based media.

Presently Elif Ulusoy will utilize this significant chance. Elif Ulusoy, who partook in the series as Canan, the flat mate of Cemile character played by Nilsu Yılmaz, is currently toward the start of her profession.

Brought into the world in 1977 in Izmir, the entertainer moved on from Istanbul Technical University. Elif Ulusoy, who showed up on the set for her first TV series, is confronted with one of the main chances of her life. The exhibition of the entertainer is anxiously anticipated.