La Casa De Papel surprise of Bensu Soral and Hande Soral sisters was discussed on social media

Posted 2021/12/051620

Bensu Soral, who began acting after her more seasoned sister Hande Soral, acquired a huge fan base particularly with the TV series Inside. Fans, who were anxiously trusting that the two siblings will participate in a similar series or a venture, ran over an astonishing ad via web-based media today.

Bensu Soral has as of late go to the screens with the TV series Camtavanlar. Hande Soral, then again, assumed a part in ATV’s well known period series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova.

The Soral siblings, as the saints of La Casa De Papel went for Netflix, are giving their fans an altogether different delight nowadays.

The people who watched the couple, who participated in the Free Fire business, were stunned. Since as of December 3, this business was a major treat for the people who watched the last period of Netflix’s well known Spanish series La Casa De Papel.

“Is it La Casa De Papel without Istanbul?” The Soral siblings likewise shared the notice, which was distributed with the trademark, on their web-based media accounts.

Toward the finish of the commercial, it is uncovered that one of the legends of La Casa De Papel is Hande Soral, while Bensu Soral plays herself during the burglary in a historical center. Bensu Soral is in the ad situated as the legend of the well known TV series named Istanbul.

This engaging promotion, which both amazed and shocked the watchers of La Casa De Papel, started to spread via online media. There are now many remarks going to the advertisement.

Here is a La Casa De Papel with the flavor of Istanbul…