The fans of Kardeşlerim series were sad about the ending love, they are very happy with the new love!

Posted 2021/12/0560

Kardeşlerim is cherished with such a lot of gratitude to both the solid show story and the excellence of the adoration in this story. The adoration for Kadir’s person and Melisa, which the crowd loved especially in the series, was left incomplete.

The goodbye of Halit Özgür Sarı and Damlasu Ikizoğlu in the 29th scene additionally implies the finish of the adoration for Kadir and Melisa. In the TV series, Kardeşlerim, there are not any more two persuasive entertainers and two characters on whom the scriptwriters can compose numerous scenes.

They are relied upon to be supplanted and new advancements in the story, both show, and love, are normal. Here is one of these turns of events.

The 31st scene of the Kardeşlerim series was communicated on Saturday, December fourth. It was a significant advancement that the personality of Ömer, played by Bilal Yiğit Koçak, and the personality of Süsen, played by Lizge Cömert, began to make a stride towards affection.

Kadir and Melisa’s affection might have stayed incomplete, however presently another adoration has arisen that won the hearts of the crowd.

Labels via online media has as of now began for Ömer and Süsen. Süsöm hashtag had its spot at the highest point of the plan in a brief time frame on Twitter. Huge number of messages are shared via web-based media stages, and Kardeşlerim series fans put forth extraordinary attempts to make these two characters stick out.

Enthusiasts of the series found the congruity and energy of Ömer and Süsen excellent. For the screenwriters, there was a chance to compose another sentiment that could build the appraisals.

The 32nd scene of Kardeşlerim series will be communicated on ATV on Saturday, December 11 at 20:00.